No Pun Intended? Well, These Hilarious Ones Certainly Are!

I was never too good at making a pun and fortunately this article won’t be about my futile attempts to finally come up with a good one. Instead, I decided to share with you some hilarious puns I am sure you will love. Or at least like and enjoy. Because you have no other choice. (Yup, still trying to come up with a pun, but I have nothing yet, I have nothing, Captain!).

But these puns certainly have it owl, ahem!

the puns 01

the puns 02

the puns 03

the puns 04

the puns 05

the puns 06

the puns 07

the puns 08

the puns 09

the puns 10

the puns 11

the puns 12

the puns 13

the puns 14

the puns 15

the puns 16

the puns 17

the puns 18

the puns 19

the puns 20

[images via Cheezburger]

Nice puns?

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