Paris Hilton Receives Half a Million Worth of Diamonds in Lebanon

Paris-Hilton-500k-diamondThe recession is clearly not affecting all people equally! Take jeweler Pascal Mouawad for example: not only that he proved to be an incredible host for Paris Hilton after sharing with her the Royal Suite of the Grand Hills Hotel & Spa (Guinness World Record holder for the largest hotel suite in the world, at “only” 4,131 square meters), but he also offered the socialite who is searching, once more, a best friend, $500,000 worth of diamonds just because she looks good with them.

Sometimes is awesome to be Paris Hilton!

According to Radar Online, the blond Hilton had spent the Independence Day far from home, but certainly wasn’t upset of that: jeweler Pascal Mouawad loves to see her covered in diamonds, and therefore that’s what he gifted her with: huge diamonds, just like the one you can admire in the image to the left.

Why did he do that? Well, according to the aforementioned source, he said:

I was very happy to host Paris at my family’s hotel in Lebanon during her visit there. I love seeing her decked in diamonds. She is very sophisticated and a true fashionista!

And just because of that – paf! – diamonds worth half a million backs are hers. Now wouldn’t you like to be as “sophisticaded” as Paris, to receive such impressive gifts?

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