People Are Not Happy with Electro Velvet Representing the UK at Eurovision 2015

It is obviously impossible to keep everybody happy, as there will always be at least one person complaining about something, but when it comes to Eurovision 2015 and Electro Velvet – the duo that will represent the UK at the competition, it appears that there are more complaints than happy faces.

Electro Velvet with the song “Still in Love with You” was chosen to represent the UK at the Eurovision 2015 song contest and one would believe that going for a different approach than what the UK usually sends at the competition might win the hearts of the locals, at least, if not a real chance to win the grand prize.

electro velvet eurovision 2015

However, Twitter has been flooded by negative comments regarding the song, with people claiming that there’s absolutely no chance for them to win anything for the UK. Here are some of the funniest comments regarding the song:

“‘Electro Velvet’ sounds like an act that wouldn’t win The X Factor.” (@morganjeffery)

“The UK’s Eurovision entry is called “Electro Velvet.” It’ll be a fight between Ireland and the UK for last place, it seems.” (@jessiblah)

“Had a horrible dream last night that we sent a tribute band singer & failed Voice auditionee duo for #Eurovision signing 1920s rubbish. Oh.” (@BenJL18)

In case you somehow haven’t heard Electro Velvet – Still in Love with You, here it is:

I personally think that the song is not as terrible as some people make believe it is, but it’s clearly not a hit in the making – not even one of the best songs that we’ll listen to in 2015. But it has rhythm and it has its own personality, so it might not do that bad at Eurovision 2015. Stranger things have happened there, anyway!

But what do you think? Do you like Electro Velvet and the song chosen for Eurovision 2015 or you totally hate it?

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