Phone fake: Lamborghini Vertu, a True Fake Phone

fakephonePeople might know the high class Vertu brand, a company that specializes in creating high quality cell phone designs which are both elegant and very, very pricy. What you certainly don’t know is that somewhere in the world – let’s say China, fake phones are created just so people like you and me (and generally those without tons of cash in their back pocket) have their share of snobbish fakeness.

Therefore, the Lamborghini Vertu fake phone you can “enjoy” in the image to the left is nothing but a phone-fake, one created to rival against Ferrari Vertu phone, the original created by Vertu. (Of course there are not two Vertu companies, one is a fake!)

Interestingly, the Lamborghini Vertu is not a rip off phone but an original one, with this fake phone offering a camera, media player, FM radio, Bluetooth support, and a microSD memory card slot – none of which are fake, but probably jut of low quality. Also, this fake Vertu Ferrari phone is quite small, with dimensions of 95×35×15 mm and a weight of 102 grams.

What do you think? Would you purchase a fake phone just to show off, or not?

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