Prepare Your Tissues! The Most Heartwarming, Emotional Wedding Videos of All Time

I’ll be honest with you: I cried like a little baby writing this article. The level of emotion, the intensity of each moment, their absolute, pure, beauty… that is something that makes you explode into tears and feel your heart filled with joy. With emotion. With passion. And you will cry, just like I did, over and over again. Be warned!

But these are tears of joy. These are the type of tears that we need in our lives – tears brought to us by sheer amazement, by happiness, by true love. I have rarely felt such emotions as I did writing this piece and I will truly remember it forever. Hopefully you will to. Enjoy!

1. Bride’s brilliant vow

I don’t even have to understand the words, I don’t even have to know the exact declaration of love that this bride is making. Her voice, the setting, the music – it all pierces your heart and makes you cry. Pure emotion, pure love, beyond words!

2. Best wedding proposal in the world

Every girl wants to be proposed in a way she will always remember. This proposal is probably the most epic.

3. Father dance tribute

This will break you down. It’s very sad, indeed, but it proves that life goes on and makes us understand that those we love – and those who love us – will always watch over us, no matter where they are. (Just a not: the bride had recently lost her father to cancer)

4. True love doesn’t care about physical appearance

The groom is a little man. He suffered his entire life because of this. But love doesn’t care about physical appearance. Check out the videos and cry at their story!

This was really intense, wasn’t it? I sure hope that you felt it just like I did and that tears of joy, of hope, managed to fill your heart. And if you did – don’t hesitate to share this with your friends and family.

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