Quiz Time: What Is Your Game of Thrones Personality Disorder?

Game of Thrones is huge. No matter if you love it or hate it (I still have to meet people who hate it, though) one thing is clear: you’ve heard about it, you’ve been probably hooked and you got so angry when a character died or some other character was tortured or mistreated.

Which means that there are a lot of deranged people in Game of Thrones, and even the sanest, most honorable characters have their own personality disorder. This quiz tests YOU and tells you what is your Game of Thrones personality disorder.

So are you like Ramsay Bolton? Are you Tyrion? Are you Daenerys? Take this quiz to find out!

Let us know the results by commenting below and don’t forget to share this quiz with your friends – it will be fun to find out who you’re dealing with!

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