Real Life China Doll Venus Palermo (Photos)

Venus Palermo is a well known internet sensation slash celebrity who managed to amaze the entire globe with her China Doll look. The 15 years old girl puts on make up and dresses just like a real life porcelain doll – all with the approval of her mother. You can check out some amazing photos of Venus Palermo in the gallery below.

The strange thing is that in cases like this one of Venus Palermo, the opinion of the public is divided in two: there are people who consider her incredibly beautiful and totally agree with what she’s doing, while other people consider her a real freak who’s disturbing and looks like a scary girl from a horror movie. Personally, I think she is really cute and you can decide what you think by checking out her photos below:

So… what do you think about Venus Palermo, the real life China Doll?

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