Real Life Napoleon Dynamite Dance Makes Guy Famous (Watch Here)

For some reason I still can’t understand, the movie Napoleon Dynamite was an incredible hit and is still loved by many today. And apparently people liked that movie so much that it inspired them to dance.

The same happened to this guy who decided to create a Napoleon Dynamite-like dance for the song Cute Explosion. The result is absolutely atrocious and painful to watch even though, just as Napoleon Dynamite, it already has its fans and people somehow appreciate the “skills” this guy is showing. Who fortunately proves that he’s not an idiot, by saying that “Just so you’re aware I was acting in character during the dance.” Thank God, otherwise I would’ve completely lost faith in humanity.

But you can check out the real Napoleon Dynamite dance in the video below and decide if you love it or hate it. Or hate it. Or hate it…

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