Research Finds the Top 10 Lies We Tell About Ourselves to Impress Others

The fact that we are not the most honest beings on Earth is undoubtedly true and even though we are not all lawyers, we tend to exaggerate things a little bit or maybe even straight up invent stuff just to look good in front of others. I sure did it and you certainly did it too.

Remember that lie you told about you shaking hands with Rihanna when you met her on the street? Well, it appears that you’re not the only one to lie about meeting a celebrity which is one of the most popular lies we tell to impress others. An organization was so curious to find out which are the most popular lies people tell to impress that they did some research – and we’re here to share the results with you. At least to prove that you’re not alone!

So here are the top 10 lies that we tell about ourselves to impress others, according to Into the Blue:

1. Skydiving (45%)

01 skydiving

You are so brave and bold – maybe you jumped without an instructor from your first try. Don’t worry – 45% of the people claim to have to done this but never did it.

2. Met a celebrity (41%)

02 met a celebrity

The fact that you want to meet a celebrity doesn’t mean that you’ve actually met them. No, you did not shook hands and they certainly didn’t kiss you on the cheeks. But 41% of the people lie that they’ve met a famous person just to impress others. I don’t find that impressive at all!

3. Attended a music event (36%)

03 music festival

I’ve never been to a concert of my favorite band. There, I said it! But of course none of my friends knows this. Apparently I am not alone – 36% only attended a music event with their mind.

4. Bungee Jumping (29%)

lies we tell to impress others

You don’t have the guts to do it? Don’t worry, it’s not like the person you’re bragging to will say: “Let’s jump again, now!”.

5. Being arrested (25%)

05 arrested

I personally don’t consider being arrested or spending time in jail as something I’d brag about, but apparently 25% do. So much, that they actually make up a story about their arrest and time spent in – hopefully not all the gangsta rappers out there…

6. School/Uni results (23%)

06 university results

Smart people always give you a better impression and sometimes it’s smart to lie about your results and inflate them a lil bit.

7. Charity fundraising (20%)

07 charity

The money you spent last night at the bar, followed by a $1 tip to the bartender IS NOT charity fundraising and you know it. This doesn’t stop 20% of the people to say that they did it when they didn’t.

8. Attend a major sporting event (19%)

08 sports events

Unfortunately, sitting on the couch, filling your mouth with tacos doesn’t count.

9. Exotic Travels (17%)

09 exotic travels

I remember that there was a lady once that managed to fool her entire family and friends that she’s in a super adventure by photoshopping images and changing wallpapers in her basement. She’s just one of the 17% who do it – with more or less dedication.

10. Working in the forces (15%)

10 special forces

People want to be known for fighting for their country, but they don’t all have what it takes to do it. So they lie. Finally, something I don’t have to lie about!

So there you have them – the top 10 lies that people tell others in order to impress them. I managed to check just three on this list, so I really have to step up my lying game. How many did you say?

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