Rihanna Gets New Tattoo on Neck

rihanna-original-tattoo-neckRihanna’s got herself a brand new tattoo that proves just how much of a flashy star she is. We’re talking about a tattoo on her neck, going down the spine, one that shows us a big number of stars.

Personally, I find this tattoo of Rihanna disgusting, but I am sure that most males don’t and would like to lick it up and down. Uhm…

There is a story behind this new tattoo Rihanna got on her neck and was now seen last night during the AMA awards: she did the tattoo at the same time with her then boyfriend Chris Brown (see it in the image to the left) but since the scandal, Rihanna’s neck tattoo started to go down (unlike her popularity).

But enough talking, check out her tattoo for yourself and click the images for a bigger picture.


And tell us: do you like Rihanna’s new neck tattoo or not?

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