Romania’s Got Talent Winner Cristian Gog, Better than Britain’s

Following a fascinating and outstanding performance, magician/mentalist Cristian Gog managed to win Romania’s Got Talent and he should be used as an example for other countries on how a winner of such an important competition should perform: not by bringing out a dog that runs around and it’s cute.

Cristian Gog impressed the audience and the jury with his breath-taking performance. And I mean that literally, since he brought in two medics who confirmed that he stopped his heart from beating!

Cristian Gog during his heart stopping performance

Before the performance, magic-mentalist Cristian Gog said: “Tonight I will risk everything: I will risk my life! I will show you, live, a test of death.”

After this outstanding performance, he ended his Romania’s Got Talent winning performance by revealing, from a sealed off suitcase, where a sealed off envelope was, three pieces of paper where there were written the exact words the jury members said before he started his performance. And that is what a winner should do!

Here is Cristian Gog’s performance in the Romania’s Got Talent final, but it’s all in Romanian:

On the other hand, Britain’s got talent decided that the most talented person in the the whole nation was… a dog. Who walked and ran and was cute but didn’t achieve more. Hopefully this is the last time when this happens or we might have to change channels and watch other, more rewarding Got Talent shows.

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