Sammy Sosa Before and After: Black or White?

sammy-sosa-beforeafter01Former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa seems to have a Michel Jackson-like desire to have a skin color tone lighter than it is: the before and after pictures you can check out in this article certainly prove that!

There are all sorts of rumors regarding Sammy Sosa’s change of skin color, from skin diseases to surgeries and… even more!

However, the most likely reason for Sammy Sosa’s change of color is the one most of the reps put forward: he’s using a facial cream to rejuvenate his skin and that has the effect of making him appear whiter.

However, sources close to Sosa say that he’s not wishing to become a Michael Jackson type of person and become white, nor that he’s suffering from any disease that has this cause.

Either way, checking out the before and after pictures of Sammy Sosa certainly proves that his skin is not as black as it used to be and for a while now all we will be able to do is ask ourselves which is the truth behind this drastic change. Now check out some more images of Sammy Sosa before and after!

sammy-sosa-beforeafter03sammy-sosa-beforeafter04Sosa Photo Before and after


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