Sandy Allen, World’s Tallest Woman Dies

sandy-allen-tallest-womanI have to deliver some really sad news: the world’s tallest woman, Sandy Allen, unfortunately died a short while after midnight at the Heritage House Convalescent Center where she spent the past five years fighting against her illness.

The world’s tallest woman, Sandy Allen, was 7 feet, 7.25 inches tall – because of a birth tumor on her pituitary gland that made her grow so fast. She died at 53 years old and she will be now buried in a custom-made casket in an unnamed cemetery.

To see just how tall Sandy Allen was, I think that it is enough to mention that her custom made casket will occupy four burial plots.

Even though she was named in 1975 the world’s tallest woman by the Guinness World Records, she wasn’t very happy: she had struggled with her illness, with the tons of curious people staring at her and she wasn’t very rich either.

However, she had learned to take it lightly, she started to make jokes about herself and even wore T-Shirts with the following inscription: “I’m with shorty”.

So, as you can see, the world’s tallest woman, Sandy Allen, was a real gem. So may her soul rest in peace!

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