Shocking: Slumdog Millionaire Actress Rubina Put Up for Sale by Own Father

rubina-oscars-slumdogSlumdog Millionaire took up Hollywood and the entire world by storm with the story it had, but it seems that it actually managed to do nothing to change the lives of the kids involved in the making of the movie, at least. Because, following a shocking report from the UK-based News of the World, the father of Rubina Ali, the nine year old Slumdog star, wants to SELL his child to the biggest bidder, and the auction seems to start at £200,000 (about $300,000).

Apparently, the main reason behind this shocking fact is poverty. Although an “Oscar girl,” as Rubina is called by her father, Rafiq, she still lives the same rough life as she did before taking part in the film. “We’ve got nothing out of this film,” says the father. However, that is not a solid enough reason to sell your daughter, is it?

Apparently it is, since that’s what he plans to do: to sell young Rubina for at least $300,000. “I earn £2 to £3 a day, I have to consider what’s best for me, my family and Rubina’s future,” considers the father.

“Dad Rafiq is streetwise and knows that soon his daughter’s success will be forgotten and her moment of fame will be over,” says an unnamed family source. “He has a family to feed and simply can’t afford it. He is keen to find a rich family to bring up Rubina but only if they are willing to help the whole family to get out of the slums.”

“The Middle East family were moved to tears by the plight of the young orphans shown in the film and fell in love with Rubina,” he continued. “Just as Western stars like Madonna do, they want to adopt children from poor areas and give them a better life.”

And, yes, it is shocking. But it appears that this is the reality and probably the little girl will still figure on the “market” with her father waiting for offers. Shocking!

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