Should I Buy My Kid an iPad?

Technology has come a long way since you were a child, right? If I could be transported back in time to when I was a child, but with all of the technological advances of today’s society, I would probably choose to play with electronics. But this also brings up a question… is it wise to buy your kids the high end devices the want? In other words, should you buy your kid an iPad or any other tablet?

There are various opinions available online and many people already chose their side… but either way, I am trying to answer the burning question today: should I buy my kid an iPad?

Now, before I go any further, I would like to point out that my son has an iPad and loves it. I have downloaded many educational apps for him from the Google Play store, and he has learned many things from these apps. Best of all, I get to use the iPad for myself!

But as with many things in life, the answer to a question is not always clear, and although the iPad has really been good to us, I can still see it from a 3rd party perspective. There have been some disadvantages as well as advantages to having it around. So here are my thoughts on the subject today.

Disadvantages of Buying a Child an iPad

– Less control over what they are exposed to
– Temper tantrums when taking it away from them
– Drops that can cause damage
– Less physical activity during long periods of tablet use
– Eye fatigue if looking at screen for too long
– Expensive way to entertain your child

Advantages of Buying a Child an iPad

– Accelerated learning in school subjects
– Opportunity to learn to use technology at a young age
– Keeps kids occupied while you are doing something else
– Kids have fun playing games
– You get to use the tablet for yourself
– Kids can grow into their tablet


The above was just a compilation of the pros and cons of buying my son an iPad. Overall, I have no regrets about buying the iPad, as it has benefited him in school and keeps him entertained. Of course, care must be taken to supervise your child as they use the tablet to ensure proper usage. Controls can be set to prevent shady websites from appearing in search engine results. Remember to create a separate account for them so that they don’t respond to your texts or accidentally delete your files.

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