Some of the Funniest Yik Yak Yaks You’ll Ever Read!

Proximity-based social media is not really the biggest thing of the moment (unless you consider Tinder… which again goes way off the “social media” thing), but the truth is that even there you can find extremely creative people with extremely funny posts. Such is the case of Yik Yak, where you might miss some of the funniest possible Yaks just because you’re not nearby…

But worry not – we’ve got you covered! Below are some of the funniest Yaks on Yik Yak and they will hopefully make you at least smile. And don’t forget to share with us, in the comment section below, any Yaks that you have!

Note: Pay close attention to #2 and #9!

funniest yaks01

funniest yaks02

funniest yaks03

funniest yaks04

funniest yaks05

funniest yaks06

funniest yaks07

funniest yaks08

funniest yaks09

funniest yaks10

funniest yaks11

funniest yaks12

funniest yaks13

funniest yaks14

funniest yaks15

funniest yaks16

funniest yaks17

[source: Imgur, Tumblr]

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