Star Wars Wedding Is Geeky, Cool

A new super cool and super themed wedding took place in the UK, a Star Wars wedding! This follows just weeks after another geeky yet awesome wedding, the Shrek wedding.

However, this one was just as awesome: we have the groom dressed as Han Solo, Princess Leia is, of course, the bride while Chewbacca was the best man! Everybody else wore Star Wars costumes, from droid C-3PO to Jedis and Sith Lords and so on… which is, in my opinion, a great deal of fun, even though the original cast was not present (although the couple invited Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and George Lucas).


However, they still went on and had fun. For example, the groom pledged his love by saying: “I promise to protect you from the Dark Side, through hyperspace and into the far reaches of the galaxy.” After that, Darth Vader made a speech, and the party started.

“We wanted to do something different and they’re just great films,” said the groom about the wedding to the Sun. I’m sure they managed to impress quite a few people, I know I’m one of them!

What about you? Do you find these themed weddings fun? Would you like your own Star Wars themed wedding?


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