Susan Boyle Hospitalized After Britain’s Got Talent Ends

susan-boyle-hospitalizedShe became a world-renowned celebrity in just a couple of weeks and apparently her body wasn’t ready. Susan Boyle, Britain’s Got Talent runner-up was hospitalized after the final edition of the show, because people in her entourage said she was “acting strangely”.

Pretty strange, right? That is apparently not all, though!

Other sources – unclaimed and unverified – say that, immediately after the end of the finale she lost (and she was certainly expecting a win), she ran down the corridors screaming “I hate this show”, then started swearing and threw a cup of water over the floor manager.

Right now, the 48-year-old star Susan Boyle is in hospital, after police and doctors took her from London under the Mental Health Act.

There are no details regarding her condition right now, but we do hope that she’ll get past it rapidly and easily.

She was, indeed, under tons of pressure during the Britain’s Got Talent show and, either way, it’s not easy to become a world famous celebrity after being a housewife for your entire life… even though this sounds nice for everybody, including Susan Boyle.

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