Susan Boyle Rumored to Have Learning Disability

susan-boyle-learning-disabilityAs I have reported yesterday, Britain’s Got Talent biggest loser, the highly acclaimed Susan Boyle was hospitalized and it seems that her health condition was practically caused by the fact that her body and mind was not ready for such a pressure and such a giant leap from an unknown, simple housewife to a worldwide star. I would take the risk to get there, even though I am not a woman. Ha!

Reports from various tabloids in England, including the Daily Mail, claim that Susan Boyle shouldn’t have been allowed to compete in the show because, mentally, she was not ready because of a learning disability.

“[The Daily Mail] claims that TV watchdogs are set to investigate the treatment of Susan Boyle on the show after a flood of complaints from viewers. It discusses claims that Ms Boyle, who has learning difficulties, should never have been allowed to compete in the final at all, after a week of erratic behaviour in the lead up to the show,” BBC writes.

So how is Susan Boyle doing? Is the rumor of her learning disability real? I guess only time will tell.

Until then, all we can do is wish for the best to the talented singer.

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