The Amazing DiY Bottle Lamp – How to Make It

I have never thought that I would look at an alcohol bottle (that has been emptied, of course) turned into a lamp and say “WOW”. But after I saw this homemade creation – a set of lamps made from a wine bottles – I was completely speechless and now I really want something like that. It’s simply amazing!

The one who made these great Bottle Lamps (check out the photos below) is Janine, a blogger who also loves to bake cakes. Hopefully with the alcohol from these bottles. Either way, if you want and think that you are able to follow the instructions and make some bottle lamps yourself, head over to her blog and read the instructions. I am still waiting for her to decide to sell these lamps, somehow it seems easier.

Now check out the amazing Bottle Lamps below:

What do you say? Wouldn’t they be special additions to any room?

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