The Best First Wedding Dances Ever

I recently got married and in order to prepare the first dance for the wedding I watched hundreds of amazing and funny wedding dances online, for inspiration. Today I have decided to share with you some of the best – if not the best wedding dances ever in order to put a smile on your face and even help you with some amazing ideas if you are out of them.

I have tried to put videos as varied as possible, but clearly all of them are amazing, so sit back and take some free time to check out the best wedding dances ever. I promise you will be impressed!

(Note: There’s no particular order below, they’re all great!)

1. St├ęphanie & Julien’s amazing first wedding dance

2. NYC-styled first dance surprise

3. My own favorite first wedding dance:

4. Olga and Eddie’s First Dance

5. Thriller First Wedding Dance

6. Stuart & Rebecca’s Wicked First Wedding Dance

And finally, even though it didn’t turn out as great as the dances you saw above, here is my first wedding dance with my beautiful wife Alina:

So… which of these first wedding dances is your favorite?


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