The Nike Transformers Collectible Shoes Are Amazing!

nike-transformers-shoesWith all the madness surrounding the release of the new and awesome Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, but also based on the immense success recorded by the original Transformers film, Nike has released a limited, collectible edition of sports shoes based on the charming main characters in the series.

Unfortunately for most of the people, the Nike Transformers shoes have only been launched (in limited quantities) in in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, and the US. They are also quite cheap, their price ranging from $100-120, but probably most of the people who will get their hands first on the shoes will be those who will re-sell them on eBay, most likely for much, much higher prices.

But that’s life and, sometimes, if you’re a fan, you choose to pay. Especially if the merchandise is as hot looking as the shoes you can admire in the pictures below.

There are three Nike Transformers Collectible Shoes available, the Megatron, Bumblebee and Soundwave Transformer. Each comes with its own color and all of them are really cool, even though if I could choose, I would clearly go for the blue Megatron shoes.

Check out the Nike Transformers shoes below and tell the world which pair would you choose!


[photo credits & source: Walyou]

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