The Stupidest Trend of the Moment: Kylie Jenner’s Lip Challenge & Fuller Lips

A really stupid and actually dangerous trend has become more and more popular amongst teenagers who want fuller lips and Kylie Jenner seems to be the reason why. Known as the Kylie Jenner Challenge, it’s all basically about teens suctioning a glass or bottle or something similar over their lips, which results is bigger, plumper lips.

However, that’s not the thing that will take plastic surgeons out of business: the plumper lips appear because you’re actually hurting your body and you’re doing a lot more harm to your lips than some innocent fun and – as some probably believe – better looks.

When you start suctioning a glass, the process of vessel engorgement begins, meaning your blood vessels fill with blood. An inflammatory cascade of chemicals starts to invade your lips, which in turn get swollen and quite painful, actually. If you are doing this for more than 15-30 seconds, you’re risking to cause severe and long term damage. All for being stupid and taking Kylie Jenner as a role model.

The results? Sometimes they are hilarious, but some are pretty ugly and scary. Check out some of the ugliest Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge results below:

lip challenge 01

lip challenge 02

lip challenge 03

It seems that after this entire thing went kind of viral and tons of teens did this crazy stupid thing, Kylie Jenner tried to take action and advise people against doing this stupid thing. However, we are living in a society where people should not try to hurt themselves on purpose in the first place. Horrible!

And if you think you can stomach more, here’s a video of even more people doing the challenge – with their reactions, too. I am personally shocked and I can’t really understand why would anybody want to do that:

What’s your opinion of this trend of getting plumper lips this way?

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