The Touching Story of Naoto Matsumura, the Man Who Returned to Fukushima to Feed His Animals

The disaster that happened at Fukushima when three nuclear reactors melt down after the 9.0 Magnitude earthquake has resulted in over 500,000 being evacuated and a ton of lives being changed forever. The radioactive exclusion zone is now the home to no human being and nobody is considered crazy enough to even check out the surroundings.

Well, actually that was the reality until recently when 55 years old Naoto Matsumura decided to come back to the radioactive exclusion zone with a greater and extremely touching goal: to care for the animals left behind after the evacuation.

He actually returned in the area shortly after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and since 2011 he takes care not only of the animals that he initially left behind, but also most of the other animals left behind by their former owners.

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Naoto Matsumura was impressed when he found out that cows had died in their barns because they had no food and water and ever since getting back to the radioactive exclusion zone he has freed up all the animals that he could find and is now taking care of them.

All these, despite the fact that the government has forbidden him to live in the area and despite the fact that he knows that there are great dangers because of the high levels of radioactivity in the area. However, according to his own words, he “refuses to worry about it” and believes the people that told him that effects on his health will appear in 30-40 years. “I’ll most likely be dead by then anyway, so I couldn’t care less,” Matsmura says.

Here are some extremely touching images of Naoto Matsumura and the great work he’s doing there to help the animals that were left behind:

Naoto Matsumura 01

Naoto Matsumura 02

Naoto Matsumura 04

Naoto Matsumura 05

Naoto Matsumura 06

The entire activity of this animal lover that many people consider a hero (although just as many consider crazy) is based on donations, so if you are interested in finding out more, you can check out his Facebook page.

Also, don’t hesitate to share this amazing story so that more people find out about the amazing work this man does!

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