These Are Probably the Top 10 Most Useless Inventions Ever

Some things started out as pointless, useless inventions but eventually turned out to be insanely popular (look at the Selfie Stick, for example). Others, however, managed to remain hidden because of their uselessness. However, today I’ve decided to offer them their 15 minutes of fame and I have selected below 10 of the most useless things that were ever made. And sold. Or at least somebody tried to sell them.

From the laptop support for your car’s wheel to a DVD rewinder – some of these inventions look like April Fools Day joke, and not real products. But it seems that they are as real as it gets.

So check them out and enjoy – at least somebody is trying to create something, you lazy, you!

1. This freaky sleeping bag

useless inventions 01

2. Umbrellas for your shoes

useless inventions 02

3. The USB Pet Rock (that does nothing because, well, it’s a rock!)

useless inventions 03

4. The laptop support for your car’s wheel

useless inventions 04

5. The DVD Rewinder

useless inventions 05

6. Chin holder for easy sleeping during a train ride

useless inventions 06

7. The baby mop

useless inventions 07

8. The hipster’s lighter

useless inventions 08

9. This portable toilet paper holder

useless inventions 09

10. This shirt that makes you look like a monster from a horror movie

useless inventions 10

I am sure that there are a ton more useless and strange (not to say plain stupid) invention, but that’s all that I have for you today. I am sure it’s still enough for a laugh – so if they managed to make you smile at least, don’t forget to share them with your friends. They deserve to smile too!

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