These Are the Best Resorts for Skiing in the Alps

I know that summer just got here and you’re probably getting ready for trips to the beach and soaking the sun, but in case you want to prepare your for the Winter holidays early and get some really cheap deals from top destinations, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, I am here to share with you what might just be the best resorts for skiing in the Alps. You will surely love them, no matter which of these top destinations you will choose: they are all perfect for winter persons and offer some of the best slopes in Europe!

1. Chamonix Mont Blanc – France

This resort is 86 kilometers away from Geneva, right between Italy and Switzerland. It’s one of the best known destinations for winter sports enthusiasts. The bonus? You can ski all year long so if the sun is too much to handle, this is where you should go. There are 155 ski tracks and the tourism is bustling there. A must visit!

2. St. Moritz – Switzerland

If it’s luxury you’re looking for, then this is the perfect destination for you! You can try all winter sports here (including curling!) but there are also activities for summer vacations. And despite the cold weather, St Moritz is known for getting sunny days for 322 days per year, on average.

3. Cortina d’Ampesso – Italy

A touristic destination for winter sports enthusiast for over 100 years, this resort was home for the Winter Olympic games once. It’s a destination of choice for film makers all over the world, so you might even meet some Hollywood stars if you decide to visit!

4. Lech Zurs am Arlberg – Austria

You don’t really have to try to say that too many times. What matters most, though, is the fact that in 2004, it got the award of the Prettiest Village in Europe. A great place if you want to mix skiing with relaxation… and a traditional strudel afterwards!

5. Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Germany

And you thought that the previous one was difficult to say! Well, this resort is near the highest peak in Germany and it’s an amazing place for some winter shopping since it holds no less than 450 shops (even though the resort itself has a capacity of just 9,000 people). It was the host of the 2011 Alpine Skiing World Cup, so there’s definitely more than just shops there!

There you have it – five perfect destinations for your Winter holiday. It’s best to prepare and make reservations as early as possible to make sure that you get the best prices!

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