These Are the Most Amazing Swimming Pools in the World

Summer is close. Very close. And pretty soon, you’ll be strutting your beach body and sip cocktails and enjoy the clear water of your hotel’s swimming pool. Most likely, that swimming pool won’t be as nice as any of the swimming pools that you can see below, but that’s just because you didn’t know them yet. Now get a piece of paper, get a pencil and write down all these destinations because these are the places you must visit for the perfect vacation! And if you manage to check them all off the list, I’ll surely envy you!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most amazing swimming pools in the world!

Delamore Lodge, New Zealand

01 delamore lodge

“Spectacular” is a word often used to describe infinity pools, but few manage to offer such amazing views as this one.

Perivolas, Santorini

02 perivolas santorini

Considered one of the best destinations for those who visit the Greek islands, Santorini is romantic and fills your soul with tranquility. Just imagine being in this “hidden” pool with your loved one looking at the endless ocean…

The Library – Koh Samui, Thailand

03 koh samui pool

The red color does help this pool look a lot more amazing than it actually is and it’s something you rarely see anywhere in the world. Fun fact: it’s not the water which is red, but the paint on the bottom. Still looks great, no matter what!

Infinity Pool @ Grace, Santorini

04 grace santorini

Back to Santorini, if you started to miss it. The interesting fact about this pool is that it’s pretty small compared to most of the swimming pools on this page, but the views make up for 1,000 square meters or more!

Infinity Pool @ Nandana Villa, Bahamas

Nandana, Bahamas

Get 5 more friends and for just $8,500 per night, you can experience these amazing views from the Infinity Pool @ Nandana Villa. Unfortunately for me, I’ll just have to stick to looking at photos… Unless you want to take me with you, I’ll gladly accept the offer!

Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, The Maldives

06 jumeirah

See those magical lights in the water? Such a minor detail and it manages to turn an already idyllic place into the perfect pool for anybody.

Chongwe River House, Zambia

07 camp chongwe

Just imagine taking a bath here, looking at the elephants and enjoying the wild life in Zambia. Might seem a bit scary, but it’s actually safe. And simply amazing!

Mardan Palace, Turkey

08 mardan palace pool

I’ve already written about this amazing hotel here. If you’re not willing to read the entire review, probably knowing that $1.4 BILLION have been spent to build it will explain why its pool is so incredibly amazing.

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

09 san alfonso del mar

A man-made ocean near the ocean – that’s how I call it. This is the world’s biggest swimming pool: 1.000 kilometers (0.629 mi) long, covering 20 acres and holding 250 million liters (66 million gallons) of water. Impressive!

The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland

10 cambrian hotel

You probably can’t find something similar anywhere else in the world. And in case you’re wondering – yes, the water is heated!

Ubud Hanging Gardens, Indonesia

11 ubud hanging gardens

Bali is beautiful, but this particular place offers the tranquility and the amazing nature that you sometimes need to relax and feel amazing. And it’s pretty clear that the infinity pools are the real deal right now as there are rarely any other types of swimming pools just as awesome.

Golden Triangle Resort, Thailand

12 golden triangle resort

Now we’re talking! This spectacular swimming pool simply breathes Asia design and you simply can’t do anything else but fall in love when you see it. I want to be there now!

The Sarojin, Thailand

13 the sarojin

It’s not just the pool itself, it’s the entire thing here: just having your own private deck, right there in the middle of the water, so you can dip your toes in the clean water or jump in for a swim, or just sit there and enjoy the warmth of the sun, surrounded by so much beauty… Simply magnificent!

Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore

15 marina bay

I will be honest with you and admit it: as amazing as this one is, I’d be pretty scared to be there. But for those who are brave enough and know that there’s really no danger, the views are absolutely spectacular.

Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

16 jade mountain

Brightly colored tiles and an exceptional view of the mountains… I think I could get used with that!

The Grand Mauritian Resort & Spa, Mauritius

17 grand mauritania

Again, this is not about the pool only, but the resort as a whole. Those beautiful structures, the palm trees that grow there… everything makes the whole thing magical!

Capella Pedregal Resort, Mexico

Hotel Pool Bar with People

In this resort, you can have your own infinity pool as there’s 66 of them available, but I am sure you can’t complain if you only get to experience the pool you can see above, an infinity pool that seems to be embraced by the Ocean.

These images of the most amazing swimming pools in the world certainly made me go into vacation mode. Just close your eyes, with me, and you’ll be there! Which was your favorite?

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