These Are the Most Hipster Hipsters that You Have Ever Seen

You might not even want to ever be a hipster, which might just make the world a better place to live in, but even if you consider yourself a hipster, looking at the photos below will prove that you are far, far away. Because we have what might just be the most hipster hipsters in hipstering history. Really.

I personally find these images amazing and they prove that we are indeed insanely creative beings. So a hattip from me to these hipsters – you decide if you love them or laugh, but these photos are obvious proofs that master hipsters exist and are simply way better than your regular hipster. Enjoy!

This guy and everything about him, from the hipster hairstyle to the Coke Zero that he’s drinking

most hipster hipsters 10

This guy, the definition of a master hipster, from his amazing hair to the mustache, to the clothes he wears, the iPad, the socks and shoes. EVERYTHING.

most hipster hipsters 02

Or this guy – the “colder outside” version of the one above

most hipster hipsters 03

This guy knitting in a pub like there’s no tomorrow

most hipster hipsters 01
Source: Tim’s Twitter

The guy who wears the most hipster watch of them all

most hipster hipsters 04
Source: Benz Boost

This guy who knows that riding horses is overrated

most hipster hipsters 05

This hipster who turned his fence into a bike

most hipster hipsters 07

This hipster wearing the most hipster underwater suit ever

most hipster hipsters 06

This guy who knows that there’s no better way to listen to good music than using your portable record player (check out the image under the advertisement)

most hipster hipsters 19

These guys, probably the best hipsters of all times. Because there’s no age when it comes to being hip

most hipster hipsters 08

This guy who puts twigs in his beard

most hipster hipsters 09

This guy who knows that there’s nothing more hip than offering intelligent conversations… for free!

most hipster hipsters 14

This lady writing poems on a typewriter for passers by

most hipster hipsters 11

This hipster and his even hipsterer ride

most hipster hipsters 12

This guy who knows that wearing a mullet is the next big thing after woodcutter beards

most hipster hipsters 13

Everything about this guy

most hipster hipsters 17

This guy who knows that riding horses (or cows) is overrated

most hipster hipsters 16

This guy enjoying his regular ride to the Thrift Shop

most hipster hipsters 15

These two guys that broke the hearts of all the ladies in the restaurant

most hipster hipsters 18

And just so you know, we have 19 pictures above because even numbers are so no hipster! But sharing this article with your friends is, so work your magic – you are also encouraged to tag your hipsterest friend who would have something to learn from this!


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