These Hilarious Job Interview Tips Show Us How Difficult It Is to Get a Job

If you’ve had your fair share of job interviews in this life – just like most living adults in this world – then you certainly know that there are some trends and patterns and generally useless, empty things that you have to say in order to prove that you are proactive, driven and always looking for the best results of your team (since you are the best team player since John Stockton).

The images below are hilarious and make fun of everything that happens at a job interview. And honestly, if I had the courage (or be crazy enough) I’d really try some of these because, well, I really consider them brilliant! BRILLIANT, I say! So check them out below, I guarantee you’ll at least smile!

job interview tips 01

job interview tips 02

job interview tips 03

job interview tips 04

job interview tips 05

job interview tips 06

job interview tips 07

job interview tips 08

job interview tips 09

job interview tips 10

job interview tips 11

job interview tips 12

job interview tips 13

[source: Imgur]

Din you enjoy these? Do you have some friends that are looking for a job who could find this useful? Make sure you share it with them… then make sure they don’t actually try any of the tips above!

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