These Minimalist Movie Posters Made from Paper Are Pretty Spot On!

Have you ever wondered how things would look like if the big guys in Hollywood decided to go for some extremely minimalist posters for the movies? Just a piece of paper and insane amounts of creativity? Well, I sure haven’t, but fortunately some really creative minds did and the results are pretty much mind-blowing.

If you don’t believe me, check out below 8 Movie Posters made out of simple pieces of paper and tons of creativity – they will probably make you smile and whoever did this certainly deserves a bow and/or hattip. Kudos to imgur for the images.

Edward Scissorhands

minimalist movie posters 01

Bonnie & Clyde

minimalist movie posters 02


minimalist movie posters 03

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

minimalist movie posters 04


minimalist movie posters 05


minimalist movie posters 06


minimalist movie posters 07

Fahrenheit 451

minimalist movie posters 08

I almost couldn’t believe that a simple piece of paper can sum up a movie so nicely. This proves that when people want to be creative, they can do wonders!

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