This Is How to Properly Troll Somebody Who’s Trying to Scam You

You have been certainly spammed them: prizes you have won from the Queen of England, money you have inherited from an unknown and insanely rich relative in Africa, job offers promising you thousands of dollars per day and so much more. The sad truth is that 99.9% of these messages (I was tempted to say 100% at first and I still don’t think that would’ve been a mistake) are nothing but scams. People are trying to scam you into giving them money, bank account numbers and selling them your soul or stuff like that.

How do you react to such an e-mail or message? Well, if you’re not one of the unlucky persons who falls for them, then you simple ignore them and continue living your life. But the set of text messages below prove that it’s the wrong way to tackle things. Check out the brilliant discussion below and you will see for yourself what happens when the person you try to scam is smarter and clearly funnier than you are!

handling scammers 01

handling scammers 01-1

handling scammers 02

handling scammers 03

handling scammers 03-1

handling scammers 04

handling scammers 05

This is absolutely brilliant! The only thing missing is the guy’s phone number, so we could send him the rest of the ham photos. But still hilarious so don’t forget to share this with your friends and like us on Facebook for more articles like this one!

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