This Library with Reading Nets Is Amazing for Adults too, Not Just Kids

We’ve often heard complaints about the young ones who are not reading as much as they should and who are instead spending hours with their eyes glued to their phones’ screens. Well, it appears that if people get creative, they can find the solution to any problem.

As is the case of today’s amazing project that I want to share with you: a library with reading nets which is perfect for children (but I swear I’d love it as an adult, too).

Imagined by the creative minds of the guys and girls at PlayOffice in Spain, this new library concept would work perfectly in any building: all you need is a safe net, a lot of books and everybody would just love the experience of reading a good book. Here’s how it looks like:

Reading Net Library 01

Reading Net Library 02

Reading Net Library 03

Reading Net Library 04

Reading Net Library 05

Reading Net Library 06

I personally believe that it’s an amazing idea and it certainly seems appealing to older people, right? So please make this happen! (But for some reason I believe that it would never pass the safety checks in the US…)

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