This Might Be the Meanest Restaurant Tip Prank (But You Have to Try It)

We’ve all been there: at a pub or restaurant where the service was horrible and the food or drinks were even worse and nothing seemed to add up perfectly and you wanted to have some sort of revenge. Well, I have the perfect answers for you today: probably the meanest tip prank you can pull on an unsuspecting person – just make sure you don’t get back there too soon.

Forget about a fist full of coins, forget about complaining to the manager, forget about everything you know and try this instead:

1. Prepare your tip

bill prank 01

Make a crease in the middle as shown in the image. It’s important for the crease not to be vertical

2. Fold your tip

bill prank 02

Simply fold the bill as shown in the photo above. Easy peasy!

3. Complete your prank

bill prank 03

Take the top half of your dollar and fold it downwards, as seen in the image above. Place it under the bill and you’ll have a waiter who’s going to be less than happy as soon as you leave:

bill prank 04

Problem solved! Don’t forget to share this genius method that should teach all the bad waiters a lesson. Or at least make you feel somewhat better.

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