This Might Be the Most Amazing House in the World: The Lonely Hungarian Island Home

This Hungarian home that was just made available for purchase is the perfect fit for those who simply want to enjoy solitude, are agoraphobics or are preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Even if you’re not in any of these categories, the lonely island house is still pretty amazing and I don’t think that there’s a soul on this planet that wouldn’t want it.

In the end, you’d own an island with a house and be surrounded by nothing but water. What could be better? The price certainly couldn’t: if getting a private island in the Caribbeans or God-knows where else would cost you at least a few million bucks, this lovely Hungarian house on an island sells for only $820,000 (yeah, I just said “only” to almost one million dollars!). And it looks like this:

hungary island house 01

In terms of what you get, I’d say it’s enough: three bedrooms, living room, dinning room, kitchen and bathroom, plus the fact that you’d be the only person living on that island. Shopping might prove to be a bit tricky, but nothing’s perfect.

The house is available for purchase at Open House. If you don’t want it, you can certainly buy it for me – I will not mind.

hungary island house 02
hungary island house 04
hungary island house 05
hungary island house 03

Although it clearly doesn’t come with the latest and most luxuriant touches, it still looks nice and the price beats any competition. You just have to figure out how to move to Hungary and how to shoot zombies in the head. Everything else is being taken care of!

If you love fish, you’d get a ton of them because the pond, which is man-made, has over 10,000 kilograms (22,000 pounds) fish in it from carp to bream and even sturgeon, plus electricity, sewage and running water. Simply amazing.

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