Tim Karaker, Oldest MMA Debutante, 53, Begins Career with a KO

At 53 most people are starting to think about having a grandson and probably arthritis is becoming a real pain in the bone, but Tim Karaker is certainly made out of a different mixture. The 53 years old made an unexpected debut as a MMA fighter against a 21 years-old and needed just 3 minutes to KO his opponent. What a man!

Apparently, the fight was filmed by MMA superstar Stephan Bonnar who said, at the end, to Tim Karaker: “You’re my hero! That was awesome!” And I guess he can be considered anybody’s and everybody’s hero!

Check out the MMA debut of Tim Karaker, 53 years old in the video below:

So it seems that Tim Kraker was there just to watch some fights, but he was proposed to star in a fight. He certainly proved that he can take a punch and hit with power.

3 thoughts on “Tim Karaker, Oldest MMA Debutante, 53, Begins Career with a KO

  1. Dan

    Just so you know…your facts are wrong..This gentlemen has about 3 or 4 fights. He was on the last fire extreme show. Just wanted to make sure you got the whole story.

  2. teresa ,tim1s wife

    yes this was tim`s 3rd fight was not gonna fight on this night but when he walked in tim was ask to fill in and he took the fight ..great fight tim love you

  3. admin Post author

    Thanks for clarifying this out, even if it was his 3rd fight, it is still extremely impressive.


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