Top 5 Best Mother’s Day Songs (Songs for Mothers)

OK, so Mother’s Day is here, you gave her a great card, wrote one of the best funny poems, what’s next? Well… listening to some themed music dedicated to mothers, perfect for Mother’s day. Below you can see (and listen to) the best five mother’s day songs:

1. Era – Mother

A bit sad, judging from the lyrics, but a top quality song for mother’s day. Play it for your mother and let her listen to the lyrics, she will certainly feel it. Watch this great song suitable for Mother’s Day below (Era – Mother)

2. 2Pac – Dear Mama

Considered by many the best song for Mother’s Day, this is indeed a true work of art but more conservative mothers might consider it hard to digest since it’s hip hop. It would be a real pity, though, since 2Pac – Dear Mama is indeed a great song for Mother’s Day. Check it out below!

3. Neneh Cherry – Woman

Usually and unfortunately ignored, this song is excellent for mother’s day and has some absolutely delicious lyrics, even though some consider this song a bit feminist. But it’s worth the listen and your mother will certainly enjoy it. Available right under the ad:

4. Good Charlotte – Thank you, mom

One not so popular song, Good Charlotte’s song is pretty nice for Mother’s Day and even though it’s not one of my favorites, most of my friends consider it perfect. Check it out below:

5. Merle Haggard – Mama Tried

It’s pure American, in the first place, and it has some pretty nice lyrics, too, so Merle Haggard – Mama Tried is perfect for this list of best songs for Mother’s Day. Check it out below:

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