Tupac Shakur Is Alive, Spotted in a Club!

2pac620Tupac Shakur is alive,” states TMZ who managed to grab a few pictures of a man looking incredibly like the famous rapper which was declared dead in 1996. Until then, 2Pac released post-mortem several hip hop albums, all of which enjoying great success, but adding up as proofs to those considering that Tupac Amaru Shakur was actually still alive.

However, even though we all know that 13 years ago the rapper was shot in Las Vegas, we now have the visual proof that he might actually be well, alive and ready to party. The pictures received by TMZ were taken in New Orleans and the man obviously looks like Pac. However, it could be that we are dealing with a lookalike, though, even though the similarities, as far as we can say, are huge.

However, there are a few things that make me believe it’s not actually Tupac: first, the fact that he doesn’t seem older than the 25 year-old male we knew and second because the shape of his head looks a bit different. I mean, come on! If he were alive, he would’ve certainly undergo facial reconstruction so that people can’t spot him in clubs!

To check out the images, go over to the TMZ website, but don’t forget to share your opinion with us: do you think that the man is really Tupac and the rapper is still alive?

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