Vibram FiveFingers Shoes Are Simply Amazing!

vibram-fivefingers-shoesI’ve seen a lot of cool things in my life but what I have found now seems to be the most amazing! I am talking about the Vibram FiveFingers shoes, some incredible “barefoot” shoes. How is that possible? Well… I think that the image that goes with this article is pretty self-explanatory but, if that’s not enough (and it shouldn’t) I think we should talk about the amazing technology behind the Vibram FiveFingers shoes.

Because, yes, there’s a technology too!

The creator of the sports shoes, Vibram, say that the regular sneakers or shoes we wear tend to weaken our leg muscles and ligaments, thus making them more prone to injury (remember that a human foot has more than 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons and have in mind that the lack of exercise – and therefore muscle – makes them weaker than ever).

So, what do the Fivefingers do? According to Vibram, the Fivefingers shoes are excellent for us because they strengthen muscles in feet and lower legs, improves the motion of the ankles, feet and toes; improves both balance and agility by stimulating neural function; improves proprioception and body awareness and even improves our posture!

Not to mention the fact that they look amazing (even though probably QUITE strange for the regular human) and are as natural as barefoot walking. So, I don’t know what you think, but I do agree that the Vibram Fivefingers seem to be the next big thing.

Even more, the shoes are not expensive at all and there are Fivefingers shoes both for men and women. You can check them out and consider ordering a pair from Amazon: click here for the Vibram FiveFingers for men; or click here for the Vibram FiveFingers for women.

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