Video: Miss Ivory Coast 2012 Contestant Has Big Trouble Walking on High Heels

You’ve gotta love those beauty pageant queens: with their long legs, perfect bodies, capable of walking on 20 inch high heel shoes and talking about World Peace all day long…

Well, at least that is what we thought so far because one Miss Ivory Coast 2012 contestant certainly has big problems performing at least one of these “actions”.

And we are talking here about walking on high heel shoes: this miss Ivory Coast contestant simply can’t manage to find her balance and walk correctly wearing some very tall high heel shoes.

Eventually she falls down, and bursts to tears, certainly understanding that it was game over for her chances to win the beauty contest.

Check out the video below which is, unfortunately for the girl, extremely funny:

Now people thought that she was at least drunk, judging from her behavior, but I guess we’ll never know. But we can always replay and laugh at the poor girl’s misery.

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