Viral Video: Will Smith Slaps Russian Journalist

One video is clearly the most popular one of recent times, and it involves Will Smith slapping a Russian journalist.

He didn’t do it just because he didn’t like his questions, on the contrary: the Russian journalist which apparently is gay, tried to kiss Will Smith on the lips. The actor lost temper there and slapped his face, sporting a shocked look.

You might expect the people to be mad when something like this happens, but Will Smith actually was cheered for what he did – after all, being forcefully kissed, by a woman or gay man, is not something anybody should accept.

So we can agree that the Russian journalist got what he deserved and even more: all the laughs pointed at him. And this also proves why some people don’t like to be famous. They can switch their lives and fortunes with me, then!

Check out the viral video in which Will Smith slaps the Russian journalist who tries to kiss him:

What do you think about Will Smith’s reaction? Do you agree with it or not?

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