Where Is the Beautiful Angelina Jolie?

The image you can admire to the left is just one random picture of Angelina Jolie took a few years ago. THE Angelina Jolie the entire world loved and cared for, with her seductive lips, with her full figure and her nice, firm breasts. That is the beautiful Angelina Jolie an entire world fell in love with. Where is that woman nowadays?

Because nowadays Angelina Jolie is nowhere near the beauty that made her famous. She is now thin as Lindsay Lohan, her body has lost all the shapes we loved, her lips have vanquished into thin air, her chin is pointy, her cheeks are boney, her entire face is too thin, too strange, as if she had one too many face lifts.

That’s not the Angelina Jolie I fell in love with! That’s not the way beauty should be nowadays!

Don’t get me wrong – I am that type of person who simply loves skinny girls – but there are some moments when a woman looks best with a bit of extra meat on. That’s what Angelina Jolie would need, no matter what analysts and dieticians and so on tell her: she needs to gain some weight, she needs her full face back, her sensual lips and super-cool body. Because she’s still got it and she will certainly have it a long time from now. Don’t you agree?

Check out some recent images of Angelina Jolie and compare them with the one in the upper left corner. It’s like we have two different women here!


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