You Can Now Buy an Entire Village in England – and It’s Cheap!

Many people dream to own their own house someday, or maybe an apartment and I personally I am on “maximum savings mode” for that said house, but others might dream bigger or have a bit more funds on hand. For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to own an entire village, but you never found one for sale. Well, today’s your lucky day because one has just been put up on sale in North Yorkshire, Great Britain.

The village of West Heslerton, near Malton, North Yorkshire has 43 houses, a manor, a sports pavilion, playing fields and a pub and looks absolutely charming as you can see in photos attached to this article. And the price seems to be very fair too: just £20 million ($28.45 million)! Now that’s a bargain and maybe you can even get it for a lower price.

The West Heslerton village has been owned by the same family for 150 years, but the last member died in 2010 and now the beneficiaries decided it’s time to sell. And it’s a really nice village that they’re selling, as it has a vibrant community. The village also has a primary school as well as football, crickets and bowling teams. The central piece of the village is, however, the 21-bedroom West Heslerton Hall which has been empty for 30 years though since its owner downsized to an easier to manage four-bedroom house. There are also more than 2,000 acres of countryside, including 112 acres of woodland.

This one’s absolutely beautiful, as you can see in the photos below:

west heslerton 01
Aerial view via Google Maps
west heslerton 02
The local Pub

village for sale

west heslerton 04

west heslerton 05

west heslerton 06

To be honest, the village looks just as charming as an English village could look like and I would love to at least live there (because owning it is completely out of question). But would you spend 20 million on that village if you had the money?

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