You WILL Cry! 10 Secrets that Your Father Doesn’t Tell You!

Dads are usually not the best when it comes to showing their true feelings and opening up their hearts, but I am sure that you still love your father like crazy. And you have all the reasons too because, even though he might seem at times a bit too strict and completely devoid of emotion, he actually loves you very much. And he has some secrets that he’ll never tell you – secrets that I thought I should share with you below.

So prepare your napkins, because this article will surely put your dad into a new perspective. And get ready to call him and tell him how much you love him too – he certainly deserves that!

1. You really scared him!
Ever since your mother told him that she’s pregnant with you, she started to be scared. He was scared for the nine months your mother carried you and always worried that something might go wrong. Most important, he was always scared that he’ll fail you, but he’s most scared of the fact that you two might grow apart. He certainly doesn’t want that because he loves you!

2. You made him cry
You never saw your father crying and you probably don’t think that’s even possible, but you made him cry. A lot. He cried secretly, without anyone knowing, when he realized what kind of the gem was brought to his life, just days after you were born. He cried like a baby when you first told him that you love him and he cried secretly when he heard about your major accomplishments. What’s even sadder – he always cried alone, because he thought that otherwise he’d give a bad example.

3. You hurt him A LOT
He might seem strong and unbreakable to you, but you actually managed to hurt him a lot. When you did the airplane when you were little, when he held you in his arms for hours – all his muscles were aching, but he never put you down because he loved to see your happy smile, he loved to feel you in his arms. You hurt him a lot when you jumped on him or hit him with a bat or kicked him in the private spots. But what hurt him the most was when you told him: “I hate you, daddy! I will never love you!” And it hurt him when he saw you in pain and wasn’t able to help. But he never told you because he loves you!

4. He wanted you two to talk more
He’s not that great with words and all the chats you had seemed so formal and awkward. But he was actually finding it hard to pick the right words and he was actually lacking the courage to talk to you. What seemed cold was actually clumsiness. What seemed lack of interest was his incapacity of making his real emotions public. But oh, he wanted so much for the two of you to talk more because he loves you. Because he loves, more than anything, to spend time with you!

5. He was always tired and stressed out
After you were born, he simply stepped up a gear and started to exhaust himself. He had to go to work and work harder because he wanted to make sure that you have everything that you need. He wanted to work until he would fall down to make sure that he did everything he could to offer you a better life. He worked harder, he worked the extra hours, and he did it all for you. And he was stressed out because when he got home, tired and grumpy, he sometimes didn’t find the energy to spend a lot of time with you. But he never stopped loving you – on the contrary, those moments proved him that he has to work even harder and push himself to the limit even more often – because you were the best thing that happened to him!

6. He wanted time for himself
Better said – he needed time for himself. He just needed to be alone, to enjoy the silence and stop worrying for a few hours about anything. About the bills, about buying you new clothes, about some fees, about his job. He wanted and needed time for himself but he rarely took it. Because no matter how much he wanted some alone time, some extra minutes spent with you recharged his batteries enough to make it another day.

7. He still remembers your first date
If you are a girl, you should know that this was the most difficult moment in his life: knowing that you’re out and alone with some boy. He could’ve been the best ever person to live in this world, he would still be worried, afraid, concerned and he’d suffer like crazy. It’s insanely difficult for him to accept that his girl will ever turn into a woman and this first date is the first step towards that happening. It’s a feeling that only dads will understand.

If you are a boy, then you made him proud – but this doesn’t exclude the fact that he was really worried too. Although happy to know that you’re making the first step towards becoming a man, it’s this exact same thing that bothered him a lot: did he teach you well enough what being a real man is? Will you treat the girl like a lady, like she’s supposed to? Will you have the power to get past the break-up which will inevitably come? Is that girl really right for you? Dads do worry a lot, even if you never know it!

8. He knows he has failed you
He knows that he has failed you by not talking with you as much as he would’ve liked to. He knows he has failed you on numerous occasions. He failed you when he tried to make an impression to your friends, but ended up embarrassing himself – but he did it all because he loves you. He knows he has failed you on numerous occasions when he wasn’t there for you and he would give anything to be able to turn back the hands of time and right the wrongs. But he always wanted to help you and make you proud. What hurts the most? The fact that he knows he couldn’t.

9. You matter the most
It doesn’t really matter that you hurt him a lot, scared him and made him cry. It doesn’t matter that his body was aching and his heart was broken every time he failed you, he doesn’t care that he gave up a ton of hours, days and months of his life working the extra hours so that you have a better life. He doesn’t care that he gave you the juiciest bite of his sandwich or the last candy he was saving up for later because you simply matter the most for him. More than his own life – and even though he probably fails to tell you that, you should know it’s true.

10. And he would do all over again
Give him free vacations all over the world, and free time, and beers and sports, give him everything he wants – but he will say no if that would have to replace you. As I said, you matter the most and he loves you more than anything on this world, so he would not even think about the answer if he was asked to do it all over again and go through all the pain and the emotions. He would do it all over again because despite all the bad things, all the secrets that he holds, all the pain that he’s been through, he loves you like crazy and seeing you smile, seeing you happy and hearing you laugh – that gives him all the strength in the world and power to keep on going. Because he’s your father. Because he loves you!

So maybe now would be a great time to think about your father and thank him. Share this article, tag your father and tell him that you love him. He deserves that and he really loves hearing that from you, even though he might not always be able to show it.

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