You’ll Fall off Your Chair Laughing: The Most Hilarious Pranks Pulled Out on Regular People (GIFs)

I’ve had my fair share of pranks gone right, as well as pranks gone terribly wrong – but I believe that everybody’s been in a similar situation. However, it’s all worth the trouble for those 1% of our pranks that go insanely well and will always be talked about. I have scoured the internet to find them all and I am here to share them with you: a huge collection of the most amazing pranks pulled out by regular people on regular people.

Make sure that you’re sitting comfortably in a chair because you’ll laugh hard. And be patient a little bit since we’re talking about a ton of GIFs that have to load: it might take a while, but it’s all worth the trouble, trust me! So let’s get this started!

1. Well that’s unexpected…

best pranks 02

2. Good parenting 101

best pranks 03

3. Me at work

best pranks 01

4. A classic gentleman

best pranks 04

5. A slight overreaction

best pranks 05

6. The unprankable

best pranks 06

7. How to open a door

best pranks 07

8. I would’ve ran too

best pranks 08

9. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

best pranks 09

10. I lost my head

best pranks 10

11. Let me grab my slippers

best pranks 11

12. Great parenting Part 2

best pranks 12

13. Real magic

best pranks 15

14. The invisible man

best pranks 17

15. What?

best pranks 18

16. This is virtual reality

best pranks 19

17. A sticky situation

best pranks 22

18. The prank master

best pranks 23

19. Um… what’s there?

best pranks 20

20. Another slight overreaction

best pranks 21

Please share these pranks with your friends and family if you found them funny.

[Source: Reddit]

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