Young Boys Asked to Slap a Girl: Their Reaction Is Amazing! Faith in Humanity Restored

There are few movies and clips that manage to impress me as much as this short clip did and even though I am a manly man, I am writing this articles with tears in my eyes. So stop doing whatever you’re doing and offer yourself the privilege of watching the clip below.

The video, created by Italian organization wants to show the world how kids today see violence and especially violence against women. They took a few kids aged 7 to 11, they introduced a girl to them and… well… you should really check out the video yourself and bring some tissues too.

Here’s the truly amazing video:

I absolutely loved their reactions – not only to the violence part which clearly brought tears to my eyes (especially the thing that one of the boys said: “you shouldn’t hit a girl, not even with a flower”) but also the whole innocence that floods the clip above. The truth is that there are so many bad examples of bad parenting and young kids acting way above their age that it’s insanely refreshing to see these examples of genuine, real, innocent little boys.

Their reaction, the visible embarrassment when meeting the girl – all culminating with their clear refusal to hit the girl… this is exactly what I needed to see and I am sure you agree with me.

Faith in humanity restored. Once again. Do you agree?

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