10 Best Countries in Europe where You Can Live on €1,000 per Month

Europe is not considered the cheapest continent to live in and many travelers, nomads or people looking for a change of scenery ignore it because of the expected high cost of living.

However, that’s not really the case and there are some countries in Europe where you can easily live on €1,000 per Month (that’s about $1,150) – and often even less.

And since I am extremely interested by this matter, I have decided to create this article and share with you the 10 best countries in Europe where you can live on €1,000 per month.

Before we start, let me say that a lot of things should be taken into account on a personal basis. Since lifestyle choices vary a lot from person to person, some might not be able to live a decent life with this budget, while others might even save a couple hundred per month.

So if you usually like to splurge, eat out every day and go for the luxury items and services, then you might need a larger budget.

But for travelers, digital nomads and regular people I believe that you can really live in these countries in Europe on €1,000 per month.

One thing I usually like to check are the minimum and average salaries in the country I am interested in (you can find them listed here, for example). As long as you earn at least the average wage (or ideally above that), you should be able to live in that particular country – and have a decent life. Nice trick to know, right?

And another note – a good friend of mine who’s been living a location-independent lifestyle for the past 10 years, told me: “you can live in ANY country in Europe on €1,000 per month. It’s just a matter of expectations and spending habits”.

But since we’re not all minimalist gurus, let’s see the countries in Europe where you can easily live on €1,000 per Month:


You might not know a lot about Moldova, the small Eastern European country, but if you get there you’ll love it for the views and especially the amazingly low cost of living, probably one of the lowest in Europe.

As a bonus, if you like that sort of thing, depending on the area that you choose as your destination, you’ll feel like you’re making a trip to the past in the communist era. And trust me, it’s more enjoyable than it sounds at first!


With great beaches and all inclusive resorts as well as cheap options for winter skying and other activities, Bulgaria is a hidden gem in Europe.

Although corruption and bureaucracy might give you a few headaches, as a digital nomad or retired person who doesn’t exclusively depend on the local institutions, you will be more than all right.

Expect some incredibly low prices and delicious foods – and include visits to nearby villages where for just a few thousand Euros you can buy a house and land! For real!


There might be very little you know about Romania, but the truth is that this is one of the cheapest countries in the European Union, one with amazing cities to live in and a lot of short travel options – monasteries, old villages and other European countries.

And for sure there are no vampires around, so you are completely safe! They also have one of the fastest and cheapest internet services in Europe, so it really helps if you are a digital nomad.


Serbia is absolutely beautiful and they will greet you as one of Europe’s best hosts. They love and know how to have a great time and you will surely make a ton of friends during your stay in Serbia.

Apart from good food and drinks at really low prices and the amazing people, of course, you should plan for a lot of sightseeing. All in all, Serbia really deserves to be on your list of must visit countries!


There might be some slightly troubled waters in Greece right now as the country is in big debt and the population has recently elected a member of the communist party as their President, but the truth is that for people looking to live there for a few months, years or become full time expats, this shouldn’t matter too much.

What matters most is that Greece is a really cheap country with good weather and mild winters and full season where soaking the sun will be the norm. And they have amazing food too!


Hungary is filled with history and if you are a fan of old, impressive buildings, you will get a ton of them here. The country also has a pretty high standard of living at some really low costs and some consider it the best current deal in Europe.

And if you’re a fan of paprika, then you’ll love to hear that you’ll find it as an ingredient in most dishes – which are delicious and mouth watering.

Even though I would normally recommend to stay away from the biggest cities, I would highly recommend Budapest here – it’s an amazing place on Earth!


Croatia is an amazing destination if you enjoy the sea. It’s probably the top country in Europe when it comes to sea views and even though they don’t excel in sandy beaches, the areas are still breathtaking.

And even touristy destinations are extremely affordable if you rent for a few months, especially during the off season, so if you love the sea and the sun and the holiday spirit, you will love Croatia!


The small European island sounds more like a destination for tourists or those looking for a tax haven, but the truth is that it’s a great choice for digital nomads or people looking for a warm place to relocate or retire to.

The island is so small that you can easily rely on public transportation to visit it entirely and cost of living is really low too, despite it being mostly a holiday destination. Which is also a bonus if you’re young and love beaches and the sun!

PortugalPortugal has a bit of everything: if you want great weather all-year long and beaches and sun, you go in the Southern parts, or if you prefer to stay away from the crowds and tourists and live like the locals, you can go further up North and in the more central regions.

No matter what you choose, you will get a truly unique experience and meet friendly people who know how to have fun and live life at its fullest.


Spain is still recovering from the recession and this means that prices are insanely low there – both rent as well as daily living costs.

The quality of living is also amazing, with the Spanish people being extremely friendly and fun people, they have great food and you will personally have a ton of things to see when living there.

Go for a central location if you want to easily reach all destinations and nearby countries, or go in the south for great weather!


There you have it! 10 countries in Europe where you can comfortably live on €1,000 per month, and I am sure that some of the entries here might come as a surprise for you.

However, Europe is not as expensive as most people thing, especially if you manage to stick to the Eastern and Southern areas and generally, the smaller the city (and less touristy), the cheaper the cost of living.

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2 thoughts on “10 Best Countries in Europe where You Can Live on €1,000 per Month”

  1. Live comfortably in Barcelona on on €1,000 a month? Dream on! Your stereotypes are misleading you! I am sorry but you should do some thorough research in order to publish something serious and reliable!

    • Christine, I have never said that you could live in Barcelona on €1,000 a month. Please re-read the article, and you will see that I said “Spain”. There are other cities in Spain besides Barcelona and there you can easily on that amount (Malaga is the first that comes to mind, but there are a ton of others).

      You were probably mislead by the fact that the image I used was from Barcelona, but I meant the country – as the article says, not the city. I would never write an article if I didn’t knew exactly what I am talking about.


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