Best Hazbin Hotel Quotes: Funny & Catchy Lines You Must Know

Because being a fan of the Hazbin Hotel show is not enough, I’m here to give you all the funny and catchy quotes from your favorite characters.

You can watch Hazbin Hotel on Amazon Prime. This adult musical cartoon series is about Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she pursues her seemingly impossible goal of rehabilitating demons to peacefully reduce overpopulation in her kingdom.

After the yearly extermination that was imposed by Heaven, she opens a hotel in the hopes that guests will be “checking out” after proving their souls are redeemable.

Here are the best Hazbin Hotel quotes that you don’t want to forget. Bookmark this post in case you want to go back to them later on.

Best Hazbin Hotel Quotes

I’m going to divide these quotes by characters so it’s easier for you to keep track of who said what. Of course, the main characters have the best ones, so I’m going to start with that.

Best Alastor Hazbin Hotel Quotes

  • Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel, a misguided path to redemption! Founded 5 days ago by Lucifer’s delusional daughter, Charlotte Morningstar! Come place your fate in her inexperienced hands, as she tries to work through her daddy issues by fixing you!
  • For the entertainment! I came here because I love seeing wasteful souls struggle to accomplish something meaningful and fail spectacularly. Like you are doing now! Good job!
  • Thanks for another forgettable experience!
  • Ah, yes! You’re the one that ruined my coat! I DEFINITELY remember you now.
  • You’ll have to try harder than that next time, ol’ pal.
  • Oh, I just took a well-earned sabbatical, nothing serious. Though it’s fun to keep everyone on their toes!
  • If you ever say that again, I will tear your soul apart and broadcast your screams for every other disrespectful WRETCH who dares to question me.
  • I will devour each and every one of you!

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  • A smile is a valuable tool, my dear. It inspires your friends, keeps your enemies guessing, and ensures that, no matter what comes your way, YOU’RE the one in control.
  • Your SOUL?…Heavens, no! All I need from you is one itty bitty favor. What’s a favor between friends?
  • Let the slaughter begin.

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  • Alastor! Pleasure to be meeting you, quite a pleasure. I’m about to END YOUR F*CKING LIFE.

Best Angel Dust Hazbin Hotel Quotes

  • Just don’t get your taco in a twist, baby.
  • Too late, toots. Wait, would that make me double dead? Heh- And where exactly do I go, to double Hell? Hahahahahaha! Sorry, you’re stuck with me, b*tch! Get used to it.
  • Hey! This body is flawless! Everyone wants summa me, and I’ve got the creepy fan letters to prove it!
  • Who ya callin’ a “filly”, busta? I’m more man you could ever be, baby.
  • Oh, please, baby. This body was made to be exploited! I got the arms, I got the stamina, I got the legs, I got the lung capacity. Hoho-oh, I got the legs! The gag reflex, the holes, the chest fluff everyone thinks are t*ts…
  • I’ve been a bad boy, and I need a big, strong daddy to put me in my place…on the path to redemption!
  • Hey, sweet cheeks. What you doing later? I love me a man with a giant… tool. 
  • I am too sober for this.

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  • I LOOVE to suck–! […] Popsicles, ya sicko! Get your mind out of the gutter! But, you know, d*cks too.
  • No bond stronger than those formed through bondage.
  • You weren’t kidding! Haha, wow! Kitten’s got claws! Meow!
  • Oh, c’mon, I bet I can make those wings flap!
  • Eat lead, sucker! Hahahaha!
  • She’s like ten pounds soaking wet and– oh shit, where’d she go?
  • Eh, you f*ck one cannibal pool-boy, you’ve fucked them all.

Best Niffty Hazbin Hotel Quotes

  • This place is filthy! It really needs a lady’s touch! Which is weird because you’re all ladies, no offense.
  • The bad boy is back! Never leave me again.
  • Why are you so lame? NOT a bad boy.
  • Sometimes, I kill mother-bugs in front of their children as a warning to others!
  • Yay! Pain!
  • I’m ready to punish some bad boys!
  • The ultimate bad boy! I bet he’s scary.
  • I just want a taste!
  • I’ve named all the stains on the carpet. That one’s Fred.
  • I really like them Alastor. they let me put on roach puppet shows without booing!
  • I dub thee King Roach.
  • STAB! STAB, STAB! BLOOD! Hahaha!
  • Charlie told me to stab, so I did.

Best Husk Hazbin Hotel Quotes

  • What? You think you can buy me with a wink and some cheap booze?! Well, you can!
  • Call me Whiskers again and I’ll jam that bottle down your throat.
  • Look, if you got a problem, you’re not gonna find the solution at the bottom of a bottle. I should know, I’ve been looking there a long time.
  • Gimme a whiskey… I meant the whole bottle, jack*ss.
  • What’s the holdup? You got daddy issues?
  • You may own my soul, but I ain’t your f*cking pet!
  • Big talk for someone who’s also on a leash.

Best Sir PentiousHazbin Hotel Quotes

  • Thossse other cowardly sssinners dare not hinder my territorial takeover! A wissse decisssion! The power of my machinesss are unmatched!
  • No other demon can compare to the likesss of I!
  • You wh*resss have no classss! In war, the ssside remembered isss the ssside with the mossst ssstyle!
  • NYAHAHA! I’m so evil!
  • Who am I? WHO AM I? I am the great Sssir Pentiousss! Inventor, architect of dessstruction, villain extraordinaire!
  • SILENCE! Now cower! For when I’ve ssslain you, the almighty Vees will finally recognisse me ass their equal!
  • Mr…um, Radio Demon, sir, please forgive me for attacking you and ruining your very lovely coat! Um, here…
  • My name’s Sir Pentious, I like to build, and, despite my stupid Egg Boiz, I think I’m very skilled.
  • Get your aggressively average body OFF OF ME!
  • Abort! Abort! Agent Pentious in need of immediate evacuation!
  • I…don’t want to live without my minions. Nobody catch me! Damn it!
  • Well, if it isn’t my arch-nemesis! Have you come to meet your fate in battle, Cherri Bomb?
  • Cherri, I bought you a shot. B-because I bought everyone another shot! Hooray!
  • “So, I was thinking, maybe you’d want to, um… do, a… s*x with me?
  • They say insane shit all the time! How was I supposed to know this one was true?
  • General Pentious, reporting for duty. I’ll turn those rapscallions into soldiers in no time at all!
  • Miss Cherri Bomb, I love you. Remember Me!

Wrapping up

I’ve only chosen some of the best and funniest Hazbin Hotel quotes, for the most liked characters.

I might add more from characters like Charlie, Veggie, and Lucifer, and if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments section below.

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