How Rich Is MrBeast: How Does He Make Money, Net Worth & More

MrBeast is one of the most famous Youtubers in the world, mainly because of his crazy videos in which he gives away a lot of money to strangers, subscribers, other Youtubers, Twich streamers and so on.

And seeing him throw away so much money in his videos makes you ask yourself a few questions. How rich is Mr Beast? How did MrBeast get rich? How much money did he give away so far? And what is his current net worth?

And the list can continue, because us, humans, are generally curious. And in today’s article, I am going to try and answer some of your burning questions about this amazing Youtuber.

Who is MrBeast (Short Bio)

If you are here, wondering about his net worth and other money-related things, I will assume that you already know a thing or two about him, so I won’t insist too much in this area.

However, we’ll have to say that MrBeast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson and he was born in May 1998. This means that he’s really young, which makes the fortune he managed to amass so far even more impressive.

He actually started posting videos on YouTube when he was 13, but for several years he didn’t really manage to break through.

But ever since starting, he showed some interest in the “wealth” list, also publishing videos estimating how rich other Youtubers were.

However, his unexpected rise to fame came several years after launching his channel, when he posted a video in which he counted to 100,000.

He just had the idea and the bit of luck required to push him into the spotlight – and he was smart enough to remain there ever since.

Now he has over 24 million subscribers and found a recipe that works for videos, generally creating attention-grabbing clips but without the clickbait title and lack of actual content.

He did some crazy things during his career, like watching paint dry, trying to spit a fidget spinner for 24 hours and many more.

However, he is most famous now for his incredible acts of charity: from donating thousands of dollars to pizza delivery boys, to donating money to animal shelters, homeless shelters and much more.

Of course, equally spectacular are his donations to Youtubers and Twitch streamers, as well as various competitions that he organizes, with tons of money as prizes. And they’re all available on his YouTube channel.

How did MrBeast Get Rich?

Believe it or not, Mr Beast wasn’t always rich and there was no secret inheritance, winning a major prize or anything like that making him rich. He actually made all his money on Youtube (or thanks to Youtube).

He was consistent, kept doing videos, spent time to make them awesome and worked hard to keep his subscribers entertained and happy.

He found something that works and stuck to it. This is how most people who aren’t born rich make their money.

Just remember and imagine that he started vlogging in 2012 and for several years he was not only a relatively unknown vlogger, but also made small amounts of money with his videos (or at least not enough to consider him rich).

For example, he still has uploaded a video from 2015 where he shares how much money he did back then with a video (the conclusion being that he earned around $1 per 1,000 views):

But remember that it wasn’t until 2017 that his channel really kicked off and he reached the stratosphere.

This means that he worked his butt off for 5 years, never letting his dream go. How many people could do this today? I’m sure that not many – which is something that makes him so special.

But back to Mr Beast and how he made his money…

It’s surprising to find out that the first sets of money that he had earned were not his per-se. Here is how things go (and we’ll have a video of him explaining it all):

He first struck a deal with a brand that wanted to sponsor him no sooner that 2018. That’s when he received $10,000 and the first thing that he did with the money was not get drunk or spend them on crap… instead, he went out and gave that money away to a homeless.

The video became insanely popular, and the brand wanted to do more of that, simply providing him with the money to give away. Which is absolutely insane – and exactly the type of unexpectedly amazing thing that can happen today.

Now, with sponsorships going on and videos becoming more and more popular, he was starting to make a lot of money by getting better ad deals and such, eventually starting to spend his own money and giving it away to friends, family or strangers.

So, it was basically just hard work, combined with a bit of luck and him sticking to doing what he liked and believing in his dream.

Eventually, even though it took him several years, it all happened. Which is still good, because many people work just as hard for even more years and still get nothing…

But here’s a recent video he published, explaining some of the things I wrote above, and basically summing up how he gave away a total of $1,000,000:

So How Rich Is Mr Beast?

If you don’t want to go through all the details below, I’ll give you the answer first. MrBeast’s net worth, in 2023, is around $60 million, with most of it coming from his Youtube channels, either through direct ad revenue or sponsorships.

Whenever you are trying to find out the net worth of an individual, you will only estimate.

Of course, these estimates can actually be really close to reality, but you will never know for sure if the numbers are indeed correct.

So while we won’t know exactly how rich MrBeast is unless he somehow decides to make that info public, we’re going to have to guesstimate, taking some important things into consideration.

IMPORTANT: All the numbers below are just estimates. The reality might be completely different, but I personally believe that we’re going to get close to the real numbers with the calculations below.

First of all, we know that at least some of his money (if not a large chunk) comes from his Youtube videos either through direct ads or sponsorships.

He receives advertising fees for each view that his videos get and back in 2015 he was saying that it’s about $1 per 1,000 views.

However, as he got more popular, he’s certainly making more than that thanks to exclusive deals and whatnot. So we’ll estimate that he’s actually getting $2 per 1,000 views (although the real numbers might be a lot higher).

On his channel, we know that he has – at the moment of writing this article, around 21.5 BILLION views on all his videos and getting around 4 Million new views each day. That is incredible!

But back to calculating earnings, his 21.5 billion views could’ve brought him around $43 million. Based on current ad views, he’s bringing in $3 million per year (if he’s getting $2 per 1,000 views, which could be a lot more, but also less).

Apart from his main channel, he has 4 other Youtube channels: MrBeast Gaming, Beast Reacts, MrBeast 2 and Beast Philanthropy. However, the latter is built to donate all revenue to philanthropy, so it doesn’t count.

Still, the other 3 channels have, at the moment of writing, an extra of 11 BILLION lifetime views, which could also translate into $22 million. The money keeps piling up!

However, it’s not just the actual ad revenue that helps Mr Beast make money. He also has brand deals and sponsorships that help him boost his income, as well as his own products like burgers, candy and merch.

Unfortunately, we have no idea how much money he’s making here (especially since he’s been giving away some, most or all of the money that he receives from brand deals and sales), but I heard him admit in a Graham Stephan video that his sponsorship deals could be as high as $3 million.

However, in a similar show, he says that he spends, for his videos mostly, around $200,000 PER DAY.

In other words, he makes a ton of money, but he also spends a lot. He also pays taxes, so not all the money above is profits.

So after taking out expenses, donations and taxes, we get to the final numbers and my personal estimate regarding his real net worth:

Mr Beast Net Worth: $60 million

Again, I have to say that this is just an estimate. The actual numbers could be completely different – a lot more or a lot less. The only person who really knows the exact number is Mr Beast himself.

Either way, I hopefully managed to answer your questions as much as possible and I believe that my estimates are closer to the truth than others’.


In the end, MrBeast is one of the nicest rich Youtubers out there since he does all those acts of charity, paying it forward and making people happy not only with his videos, but his money too.

So with that in mind, I personally believe that he truly deserves all the money he has made and I can only wonder how far he will go, now that he’s making even more and can really bring all his ideas to life.

What are your thoughts about Mr Beast? Do you think that my estimates regarding his net worth are close to reality or way off? Let us all know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “How Rich Is MrBeast: How Does He Make Money, Net Worth & More”

  1. I love to watch videos of Mr. Beast and of all of the wonderful thing that he does for people.
    Me, being 81 years old have never seen such a young man doing so much, being so generous,
    making peoples dreams come true. I have had many dreams but could not reach my goals to
    attain them. Wish that there was someone in my life to give me a boost. Good for you Mr. Beast.
    May God continue to bless you every day of your life.

  2. well i also think that mr beast is generous and i agree with most the things you wrote. i must say though it is very biased (in an unprofessional way)


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