How to Remain Anonymous as a Webcam Model [Top Tips]

Personal life must be personal, no matter what activity you perform. But if you choose webcam modelling as your career, renaming anonymous becomes a top priority for most of us.

Sure, it’s nothing wrong about embracing what you do and letting the world know it – no shame about it! – but sometimes you just want to be anonymous.

Due to the type of work that you’re doing, as a webcam model, you can’t be 100% anonymous.

But there are measures you can take – and tips to follow – that will reduce the chances of having friends and family stumble upon you. This is what we’re going to talk about in today’s article.

If you choose so, there should be no entrance for strangers in your personal life as a cam girl. It’s like a curtain between real you and the fictitious one.

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In fact, almost all of us have their own dirty secrets, but it’s usually easier to live a normal life when nobody knows about them except you. The same applies to the webcam business. Or especially it.

When people (usually of the opposite gender) find out what you do, they instantly assume that you’re a cheap girl and that you’re ready to accept any and every invitation out there.

This is definitely not the case – but people still believe that. And this is the main reason why most of us want to keep this activity a secret.

Below is a basic list of rules which should be followed if you want to maintain anonymity and security if you are a model. And yes, you can still make a lot of money as a cam girl if you follow these tips!

1. Do not talk about it!

This is the basic law for success in any area of life. Do you remember the saying: “When three know it, all know it?”

In other words, it’s best if nobody knows about your activity. No matter if it’s your best friend, your sister or brother or anybody that’s really close and you trust.

Sure, you should definitely tell your significant other about your job… but I wouldn’t rush to do it until you are sure he or she is the one.

A failed relationship can instantly end up with you being exposed and people starting assuming all the wrong things about girls in this industry.

For example, you can answer those who keep bugging you with questions that you do freelance work from home (or an office).

You can say that you write articles for brands on the internet, manage websites, do photo or video editing or whatever.

You can also say that you work in internet marketing — in this case, they will quickly leave you with further questions, so that you won’t «sell» them anything.

Do not tell your friends, even best friends what you are doing and how much you earn! If you really want to help a friend who is in a difficult financial situation — do it so that she will never guess who offered to work as a video chat model.

2. Block your country as soon as you start

All large webcam websites have a function to block users by country. Thus, the probability that one of your acquaintances will see you, reduces almost to zero.

Sure, there are always risks – with people traveling and using virtual private servers and such… but most of the users don’t go through all this trouble even if they suspect something.

So make sure to block your country (and any other country you want to remain anonymous in) before you start.

If you believe that blocking an entire country is a bit too much – and it usually IS, then blocking your home city or city you’re living in becomes the better option here.

3. Never mention your name / country / city / where you studied / real age and other personal info

Most webcam models will choose an alias, no matter if it’s obvious like “Candy Candylicious” or “Marie Smith” and I recommend you do the same.

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The more personal info you share, the easier it will be for you to be identified by others.

Or find yourself mentioned on forums or Reddit or whatnot and others searching your name finding all about you.

So keep all the private information private, no matter what. If you give out this info yourself, you can’t hope to remain anonymous!

4. Don’t post public photos or clips with distinctive features (your face, tattoos or birthmarks)

While the people that will pay to talk to you will definitely get to see you (that’s your job, in the end), you don’t have to show your entire face or any easily identifiable features in public photos.

Also, do not post on the work sites the same photos as in social networks as people can use services to reverse-search images to find you.

Therefore, your virtual clients have no chance to find you in real life. And the search for your photo from the profile on the webcam site will not lead anywhere when searching Google for a picture.

5. During sessions, do not turn on local radio and television channels

Also, do not be on sites not related to work.

You never know when an unexpected ad or TV host or something will make the address – or more likely city or country – public.

You could also change tabs and show a website in your language or anything that could lead to you losing your anonymity.

6. Do not talk on the phone or Skype, if the sound (microphone) is not turn off on the site

First, because this is prohibited by the rules of webcam-sites. And secondly, distracted by the conversation, you can give personal information about yourself – information that anybody can hear.

7. If for any reason you plan to communicate with clients besides the site, get a separate Skype/mail/ICQ

This makes total sense, right? Keep your business life private no matter what and don’t mix personal profiles and accounts with your working ones – even if this means a bit more management on your side. Better safe than sorry!

8. Use a VPN (virtual private network) to hide your location and encrypt traffic, or special software that acts as a proxy

Of course, it is very unlikely that somebody is very interested in a model working at home. But for your own peace of mind you can use these services if you really want to.

Just remember that using a VPN or a proxy server will significantly slow down the data transfer rate and most of them are not free – but if you really want to protect your location the best you can, this would be a good choice.


These eight tips that I have shared above will greatly increase your chances of remaining anonymous as a webcam model if you want that.

And my recommendation is to do this because the world if full of crazy people who would never understand that a job is nothing but a job.

Better be safe than sorry. But remember: even applying all these tips won’t guarantee 100% anonymity.

It’s just the nature of the work that offers the odd chance of having a relative pop up from their trip in South America straight into your convo. But this almost never happens.

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