Meet Mihaela Radulescu, Felix Baumgartner’s Girlfriend

Felix Baumgartner is known as the daredevil skydiver who jumped from about 39 kilometers high (24 mi) and reached an estimated speed of 1,357.64 km/h (843.6 mph). He is also known for his great taste in women, having dated German playmate of the century Gitta Saxx or former beauty queen Nicole Öttl. But who is he dating now?

Well, he seems to have moved to slightly calmer waters (even though first impressions can be misleading as we don’t really know what happens in their bedroom) and Felix Baumgartner’s girlfriend is now Mihaela Radulescu, a TV personality from Romania.

Although well past her prime, Mihaela Radulescu, aged 45, is not only beautiful as you can see in the photos below, but she also seems to match Felix Baumgartner’s profile and love for crazy, adrenaline-pumping actions as she is the first woman who parachuted from 3000 metres altitude live on TV. She’s also a lingerie trade mark for I.D. Sarrieri, so she clearly has all the boxes ticked. In terms of beauty, you can have your opinion after checking out the Mihaela Radulescu photos we have for you below:

mihaela radulescu 01

mihaela radulescu 02

mihaela radulescu 03

mihaela radulescu 05

mihaela radulescu 04

Mihaela Radulescu Felix

mihaela radulescu 06

Mihaela Radulescu is also part of the jury of Romania’s Got Talent show, but after watching her photos we are really curious what her hidden talents are…

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